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Sports Events and Race Meets

Sports Events and Race Meets

Do you need a PA system for your downhill mountain bike event to cover the whole 5000 metre course? No problem. Do you want 10000 runners at the start of your marathon to hear the warm up act, and listen to some motivational music? No problem. What about a PA system to brief swimmers before they enter the water at your triathlon? Yep, that’s no problem either.

As a specialist in outdoor event sound, we can tell the difference between our sports, and we know that the sound can be a big motivational factor to your competing athletes. From background music in the car park, to foreground music on the start line, having your name called out as you sprint across the finish or to play the national anthem at an awards ceremony, we can provide exactly the right solution for your event. On grass, on concrete, up a mountain or in a city centre, our equipment is built to be outdoors, and it will operate wherever you need it to. There is no environment too tough, no crowd too big, no hill too steep and certainly no weather that we can’t deal with!

  • Mobile commentary boxes for all events and disciplines
  • Background and foreground music
  • Race announcer/commentator PA system
  • Radio microphones
  • Wireless links to remote loudspeakers over huge areas
  • Two way radio communications