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Site Evacuation/ Whole area PA coverage

Site Evacuation/ Whole area PA coverage

Music festivals, Horse trials, County shows, Street fairs, Sports meets and vintage vehicle rallies all have two things in common; Big spaces and lots of people. Over the last ten years our world has changed, we are always a potential target to people and organisations wishing us ill. It’s a sobering thought, that is a world away from the stereotypical image of our Great British summertime outdoor events, sunshine and ice cream or mud and wellies. A sobering thought indeed, but one which we as event organisers and officials must take seriously. How would we evacuate a 10 acre show field if we had to? What about a 100 acre event site? Or even a 500 acre festival field? The logistics of getting the people out are not something that we can help with. But getting the word out; That is where we play our part. Wireless whole area sound coverage is something that more and more of our regular customers have insisted on over the last ten years. Loudspeakers linked back to control by an independent wireless network, with battery power as backup, mean that no matter what the situation, we are ready and we can inform your public what to do, if the worst happens. From lost children and car keys, to site evacuation. And if the worst doesn’t happen, you have a fantastic PA system set up to announce to the whole event what the next arena act is or who has won the cake baking competition!

  • Independent PA system for emergency announcements
  • Battery powered in case of power failure
  • Wirelessly transmitted from control to all areas, up to 3 miles away
  • 24 hours a day readiness
  • Large horn speakers for maximum sound coverage and voice quality
  • Flexible mounting – We really can place loudspeakers anywhere
  • Integration with other on-site PA systems