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Over 50 years of Sensational Sound for Outdoor Events

In the 1960s –  Yorkshire Sound Service, as we are now known, provided a simple loudspeaker system for a local political party to assist them with canvassing for the elections. The equipment of the time was ex-military, battery powered and heavy, but effective. Wind the clock forwards over 50 years, and that one loudspeaker, amplifier and microphone seem like a world away from our current operation. With a range of specialist outdoor loudspeakers and the very latest in digital signal processing and amplification, we can tailor our sound to suit you and your event.

Some things have changed –   in the last 50 years, like the nature of outdoor events in the UK, and how loudspeakers and PA systems are needed and used, by arena acts and entertainers, by show commentators and announcers, and for emergency announcements and evacuations of large areas. Luckily, some things have not changed. Like our attention to detail. Like the fact that we are a family owned and run business, and the way that we treat each and every event as our own; we don’t have customers, we have friends that we work with. We know that your event takes months of planning and hard work. We have just one day to get things right for you, and failure is not an option. One big change that we have all seen is the pace that we all live our lives at. It truly is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week world, and your event may be too. Our service is just the same; If you are working, we are working, because life in outdoor events is not as simple as 9-5.

 Everything that we do –  everything that we know and everything that we can offer you is specifically for outdoor events. From the waterproof cases that our equipment can operate in, to our four wheel drive vehicles that will deliver our equipment, and service your site come rain or shine. Our mobile commentary trailers are designed and built with shows, horse trials, show jumping and sporting fixtures in mind. With comfortable seating, big windows, useful desk space and power points, every part of the unit is intended to help your event staff to do their jobs efficiently, and in comfort.

So, let the Yorkshire Sound Service family take care of your event family. We aren’t just another events contractor, It’s our way of life.

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Horse Trials

Yorkshire Sound Service offer a comprehensive range of tailor made equipment to suit your event.

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Sports Events and Race Meets

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Site Evacuation/ Whole area PA coverage

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